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Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising

What is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile Advertising is advertising your business on mobile devices via text adds, banner adds or animated adds.

There are various  platforms for mobile advertising and the most common platforms are:

Google AdwordsMobile Advertising

Facebook Adds – Mobile Advertising

Admobi – Mobile Advertising Platforms

And then there are companies that specialise in providing mobile advertising.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising via SMS, Search, Display, Apps


Google Adwords


Google Adwords is the most commonly used platform for advertising using a desktop website, however Google is now in the process of upgrading its platform to enhanced so that you can specifically target mobile users.

One of the key advantages of mobile advertising on a mobile platform is that is relatively cheaper than advertising on a desktop platform mainly due to the fact so many business haven’t upgraded their desktop website to work on a mobile platform.

There is also less competition versus desktop as only two or three adds will appear at the very top of the page, so you don’t see the adds down the side.

Recently the Yellow Pages and the Localist have been aggressively marketing google adwords to their customers which indicates that the old directories will soon be an advertising media of the past.

We can help you put together an advertising package for google adwords and unlike some of our competitors we will give you full transparency.

Unlike our competitors we will show how to set up an account in your name, search for the right keywords, how much to bid on key words and how much money to allocate to give you the desired results that you want to achieve.

If you have never had a google adwords  account in your name you maybe able to claim a coupon that will give you some free advertising for either your desktop or mobile advertising campaign.


Test Case

One of our customers was recently approached by one of the leading New Zealand directories to advertise through them for $495.00 +GST per month and that they would ensure our customer would be on the front page of google.

And that they would provide 71 enquires per month which we thought was excellent until we advised our customer that the small print indicates that an enquiry is a click through to their website.

So our customer decided to stay put and considering that their monthly add spend for Feb 2013 inclusive of our monthly management fee was just $205.00 + GST we returned 284 clicks through to their website and they were always in top three add positions on google.

So in comparison to the big boys, we returned 400% more clicks and around 60% cheaper.

Every business will experience different results and also your budget will also determine the outcome of your mobile advertising campaign.

Below is an overview of another company who has had an exceptional return on their investment. Eden Physio has managed too fully book all their Physio Practices, a total of  8 locations around Auckland with a cost effective adwords campaign.

The results below speak for themselves and this traffic is just to their mobile website ie this isn’t including traffic to their desktop website.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising



Facebook Adds

Facebook has just recently moved into the mobile advertising space and considering they probably have one of largest databases in the world this will be an exciting platform to advertise on.

One of the key advantages of Facebook is that you can advertise on age, gender, occupation, area, hobbies etc. as this is the type of information that you need to fill in to open a facebook page.

We have some cutting edge software that will search through groups, location so that if you want to target a specific group eg golf we can supply the leads in this category so the right prospect is in front of your advertisement whether they are searching via a desktop or a smart-phone.


Admobi is a mobile advertising platform that is purely for mobile websites ie desktop websites won’t work on this mobile advertising platform.

One of the key benefits of mobile advertising on theses platforms is the cost – your pay per click advertising can start from just 1 cent compared to paying $1.00 + on Google Adwords.

We recently ran a mobile advertising campaign for the same the client as mentioned above with some amazing results.

We inidicated that the geographic area is Oceania which basically encompasses all of New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands and we also got a few clicks from the USA.

But when the cost is 1 cent a click, the price was certainly not an objection.

For the week 13th May 2013 – 18th May 2013 this customer spent a total sum of $47.00 on this mobile advertsing platform but received amazing 30 tap to calls from customers in Auckland.

The product that this customer was selling retails for $350.00 and their closing ratio is 50% of the calls that they received.

So for mere $47.00 this campaign produced $5250.00 in sales or R.O.I. of 1117%.

So the results speak for themselves as this is a product that can only be purchased in Auckland and the customer needs to pick it up.

The response from the customer was ” I don’t know what you have done but we are running at peak performance”

So if you would like your business to run at peak performance (all though results will vary depending on the nature of your business) then give us a call so that we can put together a cost effective Mobile Advertising Campaign that delivers the results you business can see.