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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Why do I need a Mobile App for my Business ?

Mobile App

In short you probably don’t need a mobile app unless your business is a service orientated business or you are looking to get repeat business from your existing customers.

Below are just a few examples:

  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Mechanic
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Handy ManCafes
  • Bars & Night Clubs
  • Restaurants

However it is beneficial to first have a mobile website as this used to attract new customers, where as the mobile app is used to stay in

touch with your exisiting customers.

Your Mobile App also needs to be compatiable with various operating systems that run on smartphones eg Android & Apple & Windows

We can develop a simple app that will run on the main operating systems,

There is no need to have the mobile app published on Google Play or Itunes (although this is optional and an extra publishing fee will be required)

Your mobile app can be emailed to your existing customers or sent via SMS and depending on the type of smartphone they have

and your customers will have the option of uploading your mobile app on too their smartphone.

What are Push Notifiactions?

Once your customer has downloaded your mobile app on to their smartphone they can enable notifications.

This basically means if you add a special, coupon, discount or a new service to your mobile app then everyone that has downloaded it will be notified.


Push Notifications

Lets face it if you did a direct mail to 1000 customers you might get a 2% response rate, where as with a mobile app everyone will have to read it so your overall response rate is going to be much higher and not only has this saved you time and money in postage, envelopes and paper you have been able to conatct your 1000 customers instantly.

You know your customers better than we do but statistics indicate you are going to get a better return on your investment with this form marketing than doing a direct mail

Mobile Apps

1) The first tip to market you mobile app is to either email or send a text message with a link for both Apple & Android to your exisiting
2) The second tip is to have a link within your mobile website so any new customers can download your mobile app.
3) The third tip is to upload the mobile app on to your facebook page and google + page so your friends can down load it too.
4) The fourth tip is to have a QR Code that you can place on your advertising materials, vehicles, uniforms, business cards so new  customers can scan your QR Code and this takes them to a site where they can download you mobile app.

So if you want to keep in touch with existing customers who own a smartphone then you need to consider having a mobile app.

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