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Mobile Website Features

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Mobile Website Features

Mobile websites and their usage differ quite dramatically from their desktop counterparts.
Mobile “surfers” tend to be more focused and purposeful in their requirements of your web content.

Mobile visitors are typically local, on the move and are looking for something “actionable” your mobile website – which could be, for instance: To get directions, find your opening hours, check for current discount codes or coupons, research further product info or check stock availability, get in touch with someone, support, customer service etc.


mobile website

Mobile Visitors

Mobile visitors generally do not want to know your business history, awards and achievements, staff profiles etc. Reserve this kind of info for your main website and direct your mobile visitor along clearly defined paths. Smart-phone users are more likely to be responsive to coupons and offers – be sure to offer rewards to your mobile visitors and encourage them to share your offers socially. Treat your mobile prospects as VIP’s and you’ll build yourself a whole new lead generation system that you can market to time and time again.


Mobile Website App

As soon as a customer lands on your mobile website they will be encouraged to download an app on their mobile.

This feature is an optional extra and currently only works on the Iphone (work in progress to work on Android)

You don’t have to register the app with Apple as this an app that will take the customer back to your mobile website when they tap on the icon.

We can incorporate your current business logo as your app or you can just use a picture that we will shrink down to the app size requirements with the name of your company on it.


Mobile Website  Tap To Call

This would have to be one of the most used features on a mobile website.

The Tap To Call button is stratgeically place at the top of your mobile website and your phone number is embedded behind the button.

This saves time for your customer to look for your phone number and then trying to remembering it.

The easier you make it for customers to call you the better your results are going to be!


Mobile Website Tap To Text

Again this can button can be stagically placed at the top of your mobile website – less face it the Y generation communicate like this all day and night long.

So depending on your requirements this mobile website feature can be implemented and we can also combine this feature with an SMS QR Code.

That way the consumer scans QR Code which can be set up to go to the mobile website or even by pass the mobile website and the text will come directly to you.


Mobile Website Contact Form

As standard your mobile website has a contact form that your customers can fill in.

The contact form can have eveything on it, that your current desktop website currently has.

It can also be configured so that multiple people within your organisation receive the email.

Consumers using a  mobile to do a search are always looking for a quick response so it doed help if you confirgure your current desktop email to forward your emails to your mobile phone.

That way you can respond quicker to the enquries which is what customers are expecting these days.


Mobile Website Maps

Mobile Website Maps is great feature for your mobile website, as soon as the customer clicks on the map they can get directions to your business by activating their GPS on their smartphone.

If your business  has multple locations we can set up all the locations of your branches and this will also help you rank better in the search engines as your customer is searching locally.

Combining this feature with your mobile website coupon your customer doesn’t have spend hours driving around town to find the closest branch.


Mobile Website Coupons

Mobile Website Coupons are an excellent way of atracting consumers to uy from you. The fact is the redemption rate of mobile coupons is almost 10 times higher than traditional coupons.

The fact the mobile website coupon has been saved to the customers phone means unless they lose their mobile phone they will never lose your coupon, as well as it cuts down on having pay for printed material.

Mobile Website Coupons can be set up to take advantage of viral activity.

The consumer lands on your coupon ie they could have scanned a QR Code and this has taken them to your mobile coupon.

In order to get the coupon the customer has to either tap a button to like it on facebook, like it on google +, like it on linkedin or even like it on their twitter account.

As soon as they have done this they receive their mobile coupon, which they can bookmark and then present to the cashier to receive their discount or print it out themselves and redeem it this way.

But as soon as they have like it on their soccail media platform they have caused their coupon to go viral.

Which means all their friends have an opportunity to download their mobile website coupon if they like it too.

This will save you money on your advertising expediture and also save from doing a grabone deal.

Lets face it everyone is looking to save money and thats why these coupon sites have set up.

But instead of being forced to discount by 50% and then paying out 25% comission to  the discount coupon site, you are in control of the discount and you don’t have to pay a 25% commission.

We will of course charge a fee to set this up on your mobile website and / or an ongoing monthly fee depending on how long you wish to promote your coupon.

Our fees range between $100.00 + GST to $250.00 + GST depending on the frequency of your monthly coupons.

Or combine this with our mobile advertising and see your results skyrocket!


Social Media Icons 

Social Media Icons can be incorporated into your mobile website so your customers can like you on the various social media platforms.

As this is a growth area you will need to have some form social media on your mobile website as this will have an impact with search engines.

Word is out that google’s new Penguin (this is a robot that index’s your website) is going to focus on social icons and content to rank your website within the search engines,

Although short term in New Zealand you will rank higher than your competitors if you have a mobile website especially if your competitors website isn’t mobile friendly.