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Mobile Landing Page

mobile landing page

Mobile Landing Page

A Mobile Landing Page is similar to an optin form or squeeze page that you may find on a conventional desktop website.

The sole purpose of the mobile landing page is to generate leads, offer coupons or to do SMS text marketing.

Rather than taking the customer to your mobile website, the customer will be sent to an individual page requesting further details eg name, email address, mobile phone number.

Hence this is why it is called a Mobile Landing Page.

Mobile Landing Page Marketing

QR Codes or QR Coupons are a great way to attract customers to a mobile landing page.

The potiential customer scans the QR Code as this will give them a voucher to save 30% and they are sent directly to your mobile landing page.

They fill in their details on the mobile landing page, you receive their details and then send them their voucher.

You have now picked up a new customer, as well as there details so you can send them further discount vouchers in the future.

Lets face it, with all these different platforms that are available to the business owner to offer discounts or coupons, why not take control of this yourself and save money.

We offer various cost effective solutions to generate traffic to your Mobile Landing Page thus giving a return on your investment.

Contact one of our Mobile Marketing Consultants today to discover how a mobile landing page can help you attract new customers