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smartphonesSmartphones are taking the internet by storm and the message is becoming blatantly obvious that you need to have  a mobile friendly website.

Ideally we’d love to help your business to embrace this opportunity by offering you a free consultation with one of our smartphone designers or marketers.

We can put together a mock up mobile website showing you how users of smartphones currently view your desktop website on a mobile phone and how we can make it look.

This is all part of  evaluation process and we don’t charge you for this service

Then we would evaluate your current online business and see how best to adapt it to mobile and how we can design an advertising programe based around what you might currently be spending in advertising in hard copy directories.

We will then put together a smartphone media package based on your requirements and focusing on delivering the results your business needs.


Chances are that you may already have a web development service who manage your existing website -  All we need is the password to the back end of your website to install some code or your current web service provider can do it - this process takes just a few minutes.

This redirect code will know if your customer is searching the internet on a smartphone and instead of being taken to your desktop website the customer will get redirected to your mobile website.

This ensures your customer has a positive experience when viewong your mobile website on their smartphone, because as much as 61% of visitors that arrive to a desktop website on their smartphones leave within 5 seconds.

If you don’t already have a desktop website then we can build you a mobile website from scratch so that customers using a smartphone will be able to find you.

The mobile website will still work on a desktop although it will spread out across the screen or if needed to satisfy you for your short term requirements we can also build a desktop website as well.

But if mobile internet searches are going over take desk top website searches tby 2014 then you better off just sticking with the mobile website stand alone version for smartphones.

We can help direct traffic to this site using SEO and advertising on mobile website platforms so that you know that the customers that are coming to your mobile website are actually searching using their smartphones.

The secret to successful mobile websites is engineering them for the needs of your local customers and as smartphone users are savy you need to cater for their needs or they will end up buying from one of your competitors

So Your next step is to use your smartphone and give us a call or use our Contact Form Here

We look forward to working with you.