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Responsive Website

What is a Responsive  Website?


A responsive website is one that will work on a desktop, tablet and a mobile.

Most older websites (that is a website that was designed two or more years ago)  will only work on a desktop and possibly a tablet.

Hence the need for a mobile website, but as more and more consumers are using their smartphones to do searches on the internet web designers are now using responsive website so it will work across all three devices.

So if you don’t have a website at the moment or you are looking to upgrade your current desktop website then this will be the ideal solution for you.


Why Have a Responsive Website?


Because your responsive website will have some built in code that will know whether a consumer is using a desktop, tablet or mobile to view your website and the responsive website will shrink to right size of the device being used, that way they will be able to read your website without having to use their thumb and forefinger to make the website bigger on the device they are using.

Below are some recent projects that we have just completed. In both cases the customers wanted to upgrade their current desktop site as well us performing SEO so that their sites would turn up organically on the front page of google.

Gusto Italiano is an Italian restaurant situated along Ponsonby Road.

Their previous website was not even turning up on page six in google with the phrase “Italian restaurants in Ponsonby”

Hence if you now type “Italian restaurants in Ponsonby” they are now on the front page of google.

With Sullivan Plumbing and Gas their main keyword is ” Mt Eden Plumbers” so if you type this into the search engines they too are also turning up organically on the front page of google.

Just tap on the pictures below to see a preview of their websites across all three devices, desktop, tablet and mobile.

Responsive Website

Sullivan Plumbing & Gas
Responsive Website

Gusto Italiano Responsive Website

Gusto Italiano Responsive

Not all responsive websites are designed the same, you may come across some that will show all the details of the desktop website on the mobile site but they don’t have a “TAP TO CALL BUTTON”

or “TAP TO FIND US BUTTON” as these two buttons are used the most on a mobile website.

The fact that anyone reaches your business via a mobile device has 60% chance of contacting your business within the hour.

And restaurants by far have the greatest search results via a mobile device – Gusto Italiano are currently getting around 40% of their searches via a mobile device.

Hence this little Italian Restaurant in Ponsonby is packed every night.


How much does a Responsive Website Cost?


We can design a responsive website for a s little as $2000.00 + GST or if you want the coupons added to your responsive site we can do this for an extra $400.00 + GST

This also includes 12 x months hosting and will also include a native app that can be uploaded on Iphone 4 or Samsung S4 for FREE!!

And we even do terms from 3 to 6 months so you can see the benefits of your site.

We also give you some promotional material to help push FREE TRAFFIC to your responsive website.


Gusto Italiano Facebook Like

Gusto Italiano Facebook Like

Gusto Italiano Coupon

Gusto Italiano Coupon